"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other,

        because rhythm and harmony find their way into the secret places  of the soul."   ~ Plato

Courtney Cox

“Courtney Cox, one of my amazing students at the studio, was selected from an Elite group of pianists to be a part of the Governor’s School for the Arts this year! This is Courtney’s first year to try out and she was chosen! Very proud of her work!” --Beth

Oohs & Aahs!

Beth — just wanted you to know how pleased we are with Studio 88 and the progress my sons have made in their music. Last weekend we had a small get together at our house and one of the wives’s sat down at the piano and played a short song.  She then asked who played in our house so I had Dalton come out and play “Piano Man”(which he nailed).  He then played a few more at the guest request. They truly were impressed! 

Dalton then said “listen to Rance on the guitar’ so they had Rance come in and play “Stairway to Heaven” and a couple more.  It was so neat seeing my kids entertain like that.  We were very proud of them, but the real credit goes to you and the other teachers at Studio 88.

Thanks for all your time and effort in giving them the gift of music —

a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Tucker & Lee Ann Richardson  

Spotlight On Students . . . Spring Program 2013

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